Gene "Snake" Smith is a 1976 graduate of Mt Healthy High School.  His semi-pro career started in 1976 with Jay's Warriors, where he was the quarterback.  Other teams Gene played for were the Cincinnati Jets, the Cincinnati Panthers, Ohio Browns, Cincinnati Chargers, Pin-Haus Strikers, Cincinnati Jaguars, Washington Court House Cowboys, N Ky Raiders, and the Tri-City Cats.  Smith won 3 championships with the Tri-City Cats, 3 championships with the Pier 1 KY, 3 with the Black Panthers, 2 with the Pin-Haus Strikers and 1 with the Cincinnati Falcons.  Accomplishments include being a member of the All Century Team.  Snake has given over 30 years to the semi-pro organization and still coaches in the leagues.  He was the defensive coordinator for the Ohio Ducks in 2012 and the Head Coach for the Cincinnati Raiders in 2016.  In 2016, Gene was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award for having played 30 years with more games played than any other player.  Gene has also coached more guys who have made it into the Hall of Fame than any other coach.