History of December Lamb

           1979  Graduated from Woodward High School.
           1980  Entered Central State University, Wilberforce, OH.
   1981-1987 Started with the Cincinnati Jets as a wide receiver, winning
                    a championship in 1981 against the Akron All Stars.  The Jets won the championship in                                     1986 against the Columbus Lancers.                      
   1988-1989 Took over the Cincinnati Jets and played quarterback.
   1990-1991 Played with the Pin-Haus Strikers as a wide receiver.  The team went to back to back
                    championships, winning in 1990.                     
   1992-1995 Played with the Cincinnati Falcons as quarterback                     
                    and defensive back. The Falcons beat the Cleveland Lions in the championship in 1992. Lamb                            was the MVP and  Defensive Player of the Year in 1995.
           1996  Lamb played for two teams in one year.  He started out with the Washington Court House                                 Cowboys, then went on to play for the Lafayette Generals out of Lafayette Indiana.                                 1997  Played for the Cincinnati Dolphins in the position of quarterback.                                                              1998  Lamb brought back the Cincinnati Jets and played defensive back.  
           1999  Lamb started the Kentucky Stallions.  Due to a fallout with staff, he went on to play with two       
                    teams that year, the Cincinnati Sting and then eight games with the Louisville Galaxy Stars.
  2000-2002  Lamb started the OVFL and the Ohio Browns team, where he played quarterback, defensive
          back, and wide receiver.   
           2003  Lamb was the Defensive Coordinator for the Cincinnati Jets.                       
           2004  Lamb started the Cincinnati Semi-Pro Football Hall of Fame and formed the Cincinnati Playboyz,                        where he played quarterback.
   2005-2007 Started the Cincinnati Gamblers, where he played quarterback and defensive back.
           2008  Brought back the Cincinnati Falcons, where he played quarterback and linebacker.                                   2009  Lamb played three games with the Hardin County Wolverines, then three games with the Miami                         Valley Blackout.  He then went on to bring back the Ohio Browns, playing five games.
      2010  Lamb came back at the age of 50 for his 30th season with the Ohio Browns, where he got the                          opportunity to play on the same team with his son, Jeremy Greer.
      2011   Lamb played in his 13th Juicebowl game on Thanksgiving day.
  2012   Lamb will be playing his 31st season in 2012 with the Ohio Ducks.