I went to Woodward High School during 1976- 1980 where I played linebacker for the bulldogs. I started varsity in the 10th grade.  I also was a top wrestler beginning my  wrestling career when I was in t11th grade. I only loss three matches in my two years wrestling and thus I went to state in  my senior year. After graduating in 1980 I attended Wilmington College and after a year there I transferred to Murray State University where I was coached by Frank Beamer, who is now the coach for Virginia Tech. Only a year there I transferred to Kentucky State University where I made the starting team but a day before our first game the coach informed me that I could not play because I was not eligible according to NCAA RULE involving years to participate in collegiate sports. However, my semi-pro football history dates back about 12 years or more. My journey started with trying-out for two Canadian Professional teams and an NFL team: the Winnipeg Blue Bloomers, Toronto Argonauts, and the Atlanta Falcons. After that my journey took me to Macon, GA where I played for a year with the Macon, GA Heat Wave (1-year) where I was coached by the Legendary NFL coach Lou Sabin who coached OJ Simpson (Buffalo Bills) and he also coached at the University of Miami. Also Julius Adams who played 17 years in the NFL with the New England Patriots was our Head defensive coach and Coordinator. In addition, I also played with the Louisville Bulls (3-years) where I held MVP of the defensive for two years straight: holding the MCL record for the most solo tackles in a game with 18; Louisville Galaxy (3-years), Louisville Southside Panthers (1-year), the Cincinnati Gamblers (3 years), Ohio Browns (2 years) and the Kentucky Wolverines (1-year).