AC is a native of St Louis, MO, which is where he started his semi-pro career with the St Louis Motion football team.  He became a member of the Cincinnati Falcons in 1992, where he played Free Safety.  AC also helped build the foundation of the football team, and brought a lot of style with his craft of printing uniforms.  Other teams that AC managed include Cincinnati Panthers, Cincinnati Jaguars, and Cincinnati Jets.  .  In 2000, he was named Deputy Commissioner of the OVFL.  In 2005, he became the Commissioner of the OVFL.  AC obtained his Lifetime Achievement in 2011 and still has strong ties to semi-pro football in the Tri-State area.  He came out of retirement and played in the 2011 Juice Bowl on Thanksgiving day in Louisville KY.  He owns his own printing company and does missionary work in Africa and Haiti.  AC also enjoys sky diving.